I read this book because I thought that reading this a book in English I could improve my vocabulary. So I borrowed this book from the school library and I started reading it. After some chapters I saw that it is an enjoyable and interesting book of Jonathan Swift. Jonathan Swift was a famous writer... Continue Reading →


I wanted  to read this book, because when I was a child I watched this film a lot of times, and I was curious about it. The writer of  this story is Christianna Brand. She was British, and the publisher is Burlington Books. The story is about six naughty children, that had a lot of... Continue Reading →


I read this book because I like reading and English. I decided to read this book to have a good time. When I saw this book, I thought that it was good to read and I took it. The writer is Phillipa Tracy and she is from The United States. In this book there are... Continue Reading →


I read this book because when I saw this book for the first time in the library of my town, I thought that the title and picture of the cover were very fun and interesting. The writer is Mary Norton, she was British. The subgenere is adventure fiction. The main topic is the  adventure of... Continue Reading →


I read the book because I think the title and the cover are interesting. The writer is Robert Louis Stevenson, he is from Edinburgh, United Kingdom and the subgenre is adventure fiction. The main topic is a story of pirates. The main character is a young orphaned boy. It’s a hard story because the boy... Continue Reading →

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a book that I read on one of those sleepless nights, just after my twins were born, 25 years ago. When Alex Ayling, one of our American language assistants, joined us about 10 years ago, he would keep advising the students to read the book, and he even made some groups read... Continue Reading →


I have always felt that one of the biggest problems our education system and our schools have is the way we all, as a society, understand what the process of learning something new is like. As the teacher I am,  I have sadly and long realised that for most of the members of the school... Continue Reading →


I wanted to read a novel in English so I decided to surf the net to look for the bestselling books in Britain. The Nightingale was one of them and as the story took place in World War II and a brave woman was the main character, I ended up reading this historical fiction novel.... Continue Reading →

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