I read this book because I thought that reading this a book in English I could improve my vocabulary. So I borrowed this book from the school library and I started reading it. After some chapters I saw that it is an enjoyable and interesting book of Jonathan Swift.

Jonathan Swift was a famous writer of Dublin, Ireland and this book was one of his best books.

The story begins in England, right on the ship where Gulliver lives. But a strong storm makes them sink and Gulliver reaches an island called Liliput, where very small people live. Those people catch Gulliver as their prisoner. But after a few days, Gulliver helps the king a lot, for example, Gulliver helped them in a battle between Lilliput and another island and also rescued the queen from a fire. After some time, he leaves the island and he moves to Brobdingnag, a town where giants live. Gulliver gets tired of being different he just wants to get home, but he has a long way to get there…

I thought it was a nice book because it expresses the idea that all people are different, but that we all need each other.

In my opinion this book is suitable for people over 15.

Maider Iraola, DBH 1C


Gulliver’s Travels

Writer: Jonathan Swift
Publisher: Burlington Books

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