I wanted  to read this book, because when I was a child I watched this film a lot of times, and I was curious about it. The writer of  this story is Christianna Brand. She was British, and the publisher is Burlington Books.

The story is about six naughty children, that had a lot of nurses but none was the correct one. One day an unusual nurse came to their house. The children didn’t like her, but this nurse was the correct one. When she arrived at their house nobody wanted her, but when they got used to her, they loved her, and they didn’t want to let her leave. At first she was ugly, but then little by little she became prettier, and at the end of the story she was a very pretty girl.

I like this book because I found it very interesting and it’s a comedy. I would recommend this book to people who like comedy  books, and if you like fun and fantasy books too.

Maialen Ropero DBH 1A

Title: The nurse Matilda
Writer: Christianna Brand Publisher: Burlingeton Books
If it’s a translated version:
Original tittle: Nurse Matilda
Genre: Accion

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